Project 365 – Days 144 to 150

days 144-150

Day 144 – Sunday 24th May

Normally hubby has Sunday off but he went to work today as he was going to take some time off later in the week as it is half term. So a quiet day today and it passed relatively peacefully, with the 2 sisters actually playing nicely together at times.

Day 145 – Monday 25th May

My Dad fancied going somewhere to we ended up going to Leicester for some shopping. Bee has overcome her fear of rides and now insists on sitting on every one she sees!

Day 146 – Tuesday 26th May

Day out to Chessington World of Adventures. The M25 was crazy!! Stuck in traffic for ages. But the girls had a fab time. Bee was comparing herself to the size of a gorilla….think she has a long way to go to catch up!

Day 147 – Wednesday 27th May

Tried out from our trip yesterday so a quiet day. Popped round to my mums and spotted this rose had flowered. It is one of my favourites and one I had got when I was still living with my parents.

Day 148 – Thursday 28th May

There is a Green Festival happening in our city this week so popped into the city centre as heard they were doing crafts and seed planting. Bee had fun colouring in and Munchkin made her own soap with Lush. They both also got to plant some sunflower seeds.

Day 149 – Friday 29th May

Slightly miserable day as it was raining quite heavily at times. Rosie has started sitting on the table in the conservatory so on a mission to try to stop her.

Day 150 – Saturday 30th May

It was Cat’s Protections 30th birthday party today so we attended the event to help with their fund raising. Got some raffle tickets but of course I never win! But was pleased with the henna I had done!


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