Project 365 – Days 151 to 157

Days 151 - 157

Day 151 – Sunday 31st May 

Miserable weather today but popped to the shops. As it was half term the rides were there. Bee went on this car ride but got scared so had to get her off! Also spent the day moving the last of Munchkin’s furniture from her old room to her new! First night spent in her new room.

Day 152 – Monday 1st June

Back to school today after half term so a quiet day for me. Noticed that Munchkin’s sunflower seeds had grown but Bee’s hadn’t! (But thankfully they did later on in the week).

Day 153 – Tuesday 2nd June

Yesterday I had carpet fitting in Bee’s room (Munchkin’s old room). So we moved her toddler bed into it today. Was pleased to get my bedroom back finally but it did feel weird her not being there. She slept so well in her new room by herself.

Day 154 – Wednesday 3rd June

Today was Munchkin’s 9th birthday. We don’t celebrate birthdays in a big way but we went out for dessert in the evening as a treat. But I just had to share a pic of Rosie, climbing up my blinds in the conservatory!!

Day 155 – Thursday 4th June

Went to a mums meet up in the morning and met up with some new mums. Was good to get out and meet new potential friends. Popped over to my mums after and Bee loved the huge lupins, a couple were taller than her!

Day 156 – Friday 5th June

My birthday today. Hubby actually made an effort this year and we went out for a meal in the evening.

Day 157 – Saturday 6th June

A day of horse riding in the morning. And trying to get all the bedrooms completely sorted now that everyone are in their own rooms.

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