Project 365 – Days 158 to 164

Days 158 - 164


Day 158 – Sunday 7th June

We needed to get out the old computer desk for Munchkin’s room…and it was right at the back of the shed. In the process of getting it out I found 2 more boxes of toys which I had completely forgot! Bee of course had a fun day tipping all the contents of both boxes out.

Day 159 – Monday 8th June

Parents needed to go to the London Pakistani Embassy and had to drag me along. The highlight of the day was the Krispy Kreme doughnuts at the M25 services.

Day 160 – Tuesday 9th June

Quiet day today and the start of a cold for me which has dragged on all week. Need to plant out Munchkin’s crazy amount of sunflowers!

Day 161 – Wednesday 10th June

I had ordered a money box for Munchkin and it arrived today.. the plan is to get her to decorate it and turn it into a sadaqah (charity) box. The plan is to teach her how important charity is during Ramadan and encourage her to fill it with money for charity.

Day 162- Thursday 11th June

One of Rosie today. She really has taken over the whole house. She has decided this old chair in Munchkin’s room is a comfy place to sleep.

Day 163 – Friday 12th June

My cold was worse today so spent most of it at home, although I had planned to take Bee to the park today. So instead I spent time working on my other site

Day 164 – Saturday 13th June

Still coughing and spluttering. However was going to take the girls down to the river as some events happening but pouring down with rain. So instead we started on our Ramadan decorations…as Ramadan starts next week.


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