Project 365 – Days 193 – 199

Days 194 - 200


Day 193 – Sunday 12th July

The local shopping centre was holding a craft session so took the girls to it. The theme was camping so they made a bonfire.

Day 194 – Monday 13th July

Final week of school and nursery. Munchkin got her report and we were very pleased with it.

Day 195 – Tuesday 14th July

We had to start the morning by poking the poor cat!

Day 196 – Wednesday 15th July

During Ramadan, Islamic Relief were selling cakes to raise money for Syria. Today was the last day of delivery so I had ordered one on Monday!

Day 197 – Thursday 16th July

With Ramadan almost over and Eid coming up, decided to get our Henna done. Managed to find a local artist that comes to the house to do it.

Day 198 – Friday 17th July

Final fast for us today! So started prepping for Eid. Got some balloons blown up with helium and decorated the house.

Day 199 – Saturday 18th July

Eid day! Ramadan really has gone quick this year. Day of celebration with presents for the kids.

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