Project 365 – Days 207 to 220

I didn’t get round to writing up my project 365 last weekend so you have 2 weeks worth! Slightly uneventful second week as we have started potty training!!

days 207 to 213

Day 207 – Sunday 26th July

Today I got extremely tired with all the toy ‘mess’ that I finally started decluttering. Managed to get together two black bag fulls to give away. However, before I got round to giving them away some sneakily managed to find their way back into the toy boxes.

Day 208 – Monday 27th July

Was meant to meet a friend in the park but the weather wasn’t brilliant. So instead she popped round to ours and in the afternoon the girls made dens with blankets and then Bee settled down with one of her huge teddies.

Day 209 – Tuesday 28th July

Quiet day again. My solar powered lights arrived today so you have a picture of them.

Day 210 – Wednesday 29th July

Trip to Birmingham to do some shopping and see some family. Ate out and of course Bee had to have a whole dessert to herself…not that she finished it!

Day 211 – Thursday 30th July

Organised a meet up with some Muslim Mums from Facebook. A couple of old friends and made some new ones. Bee then wanted to play with the water fountains and get soaked!

Day 212 – Friday 31st July

Was meant to go to Leicester but change of plan and ended up meeting some friends at Ferry Meadows which I wrote about: Fun with Friends at Ferry Meadows.

Day 213 – Saturday 1st August

I had quite a few plans for these summer holidays with plenty of places I wanted to visit. For various reasons most are not happening so decided to start potty training now rather than the end of the holidays so she is confident before she returns to nursery. She only had 3 accidents and by the end of the day had got the hang of it.


Days 214 - 220


Day 214 – Sunday 2nd August

Day 2 of potty training! Doing very well, reading a book close to the toilet/potty so we don’t have to run far! Just one accident today! She’s got the hang of it!

Day 215 – Monday 3rd August

Spent today at home too due to the potty training. No accidents today whatsoever. Even if I don’t ask her if she needs to go she tells me herself that she does. Yay! Success!! Picture of Rosie today…put some chairs out in the garden and she laid claim to them!

Day 216 – Tuesday 4th August

Hubby wanted to take the girls to the zoo. Couldn’t say no as I had been complaining he doesn’t take us anywhere and had been a bit off with him lately. Tried pull up pants with Bee but she didn’t like them so put a nappy on after she asked for it. But she was uncomfortable for most of the day! Had a fab time at Whipsnade zoo. Will be writing about it soon.

Day 217 – Wednesday 5th August

Nappy off again….no problems. Was cleaning up today so could put the rugs back down (had picked them up incase she had lots of accidents) and Bee insisted on hoovering. May as well start them early!

Day 218 – Thursday 6th August 

Another day at home, still not confident to go out. Although she is not having accidents she’s going to the toilet quite regularly so don’t want to be caught out while out as she refuses to wear pull ups. So you have a picture of Rosie chilling.

Day 219 – Friday 7th August

Had a friend pop round who is also potty training. Was nice to see her and the little one as getting slightly bored at home! A sound book I had ordered for Bee arrived and the girls had fun reading that.

Day 220 – Saturday 8th August

Popped out car shopping before hubby went to work. Looking for a people carrier. Bee was really good and told me she needed the toilet and held it until we got to the toilet. I think she has totally cracked it!

Beautiful sunny day so had fun in the garden in the afternoon with a snake sprinkler I got last year but never used.

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