Project 365 – Days 221 234

Another 2 weeks worth of Project 365, was just being lazy last week I guess, as didn’t do much!

days 221 to 227

Day 221 – Sunday 9th August

Quite day at home. Did a spot of weeding and got the girls involved. Munchkin wasn’t too impressed!

Day 222 – Monday 10th August

Planning to start exercising (I keep saying that!) and my stepper arrived which I had ordered…..still hasn’t been used.

Day 223 – Tuesday 11th August

Trip to Hunstanton Beach. Wasn’t too sunny but to be honest I prefer that! Bee wouldn’t go on any of the rides but managed to get her onto a pony…but had to hold her hand the whole time.

Day 224 – Wednesday 12th August

Sunny day, Bee loves playing in the garden but Munchkin is content to stay indoors. Had to force her to go out in the garden and play!

Day 225 – Thursday 13th August

Craved burger and chips all day so made hubby bring some on the way home from work.

Day 226 – Friday 14th August

Another quiet day at home, weather wasn’t all that. Perfect for these savoury snacks which are basically spicy pastry.

Day 227 – Saturday 15th August

We were meant to go and review a new revamped play area at Brewers Fayre, but the PR’s messed up the times with us as the lady dealing with us had left and noone bothered to put us on the final list, even though it was confirmed we were going and had sent our meal list over. However, the manager of the hotel was lovely and gave the girls free play in the play area which they loved.

day 228 to 234

Day 228 – Sunday 16th August

My nieces came to see us today. We have been estranged from them for years due to their mother poisoning them against their father and us, but they have finally seen the truth. Although their mother wasn’t happy. Took them to our local farm to pick plums and blackberries and they got some sunflowers too.

Day 229 – Monday 17th August

While washing Munchkin’s hair I have noticed the last few times that excess hair is falling out. Called the doctor got an appointment. Here is a pic of Bee playing with the toys. The doctor gave a shampoo but thinks it could be low irom. He was reluctant to put her through a blood test just yet. So I got some vitamins for her instead. If they continue to fall out at the same rate will return and demand the blood test.

Day 230 – Tuesday 18th August

Didn’t fancy cooking so hubby took us out to eat in the evening. Enjoyed some jelly and custard!

Day 231 – Wednesday 19th August

Just had to share these roses at my parents house. Love their colour!

Day 232 – Thursday 20th August

Hubby treated us to dessert once he returned from work. Love their cookie dough!

Day 233 – Friday 21st August

Went to Brantano to review some shoes as part of their back to school  and walk to school campaign. The stopped off at the hairdresser to book an appointment to get Munchkin a hair cut as her hair has gotten quite long again. Hairdresser was free and she did it immediately. Mentioned Munchkin’s hair loss as she has regularly seen Munchkin, and doesn’t think her hair looks like it is thinning .

Day 234 –  Saturday 22nd August

Beautiful sunny day today so got the pool out for the girls. They only played in it for an hour or so and got bored!

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