Project 356 – Days 242 to 248

Another extremely quiet week. I had wanted to make the most of this week and take the girls somewhere but for various reasons it didn’t happen; a cough that won’t go, feeling a bit down and  the weather. Didn’t take many pictures so had to just share basic uneventful photos for this weeks Project 365.

Days 242 to 249


Day 242 – Sunday 30th August

Quiet Sunday at home. Put some marinated chicken legs in the oven as Bee constantly goes on about chicken and chips! Hubby got a new lawn mower but it started raining so ended up with a half cut lawn.

Day 243 – Monday 31st August

Another day chilling at home. Even the cat was feeling lazy and came to sleep next to me. Bee decided to show her the tablet but I don’t think she was too impressed by it. In this picture it looks like Rosie is looking adoringly at Bee, but she’s wary of her and runs off….no surprise really as Bee crushes her when giving her a hug.

Day 244 – Tuesday 1st September

One of Munchkin’s friends held a small tea party so had fun there. Was nice to get out.

Day 245 – Wednesday 2nd September

Shopping time! Now Bee is potty trained I decided to get her some tops and trousers for nursery. She mainly has dresses at the moment and thought she would struggle to use the toilet herself if she also had to manage her dress. She also got some new shoes and had to show them off to everyone.

Day 246 – Thursday 3rd September

A day of taking up Munchkin’s school trousers ready for school next week. Popped to my mums for a bit and Bee insisted on wearing some of her new clothes.

Day 247 – Friday 4th September

Had ordered Munchkin’s school bag online and it arrived today. Rosie promptly started playing with the box and packaging.

Day 248 – Saturday 5th September

Lazy Saturday a.t home, playing games and generally being lazy. Rosie’s yawn sums us up today

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