Project 365 – Days 249 to 255

Days 249 to 255


Day 249 – Sunday 6th September 

Quiet Sunday at home before the girls go back to school and nursery! Spot of gardening.

Day 250 – Monday 7th September

Back to school and nursery! Enjoyed the couple of hours I get to myself while Bee is at nursery and did absolutely nothing! Bee’s dress arrived that I had ordered…perfect for Eid.

Day 251 – Tuesday 8th September

Popped to my mums house after nursery and Bee made her Nani sit on the floor with her to play games!

Day 252 – Wednesday 9th September

Started exercising as my weight is going up! My friend has got me to try Les Mills Pump but I’m not entirely convinced it is my kind of thing.

Day 253 – Thursday 10th September

Popped to my mums after the school run and attempted to teach Bee how to ride a bike. She is slowly getting there.

Day 254 – Friday 11th September

Received an Eid ‘card’ from the orphan I have sponsored for a number of years. Lovely idea from the charity.

Day 255 – Saturday 12th September

Quiet Saturday at home, just popped to my mums for a short while. Think this picture of Rosie reflects the chilling mood today. But I finally booked a holiday to Dubai for October! So looking forward to it!

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