Project 365 – Days 263 to 269

Days 263 - 269



Day 263 – Sunday 20th September

Ended up going to Birmingham to do some shopping. Forgot to take pictures so you have one of Rosie looking unimpressed as we got home late. We got stuck due to an accident where a car had gone into the bushes. The fire engines and ambulances were blocking the whole road.

Day 264 – Monday 21st September

Spot of shopping, try to find some cheap and cheerful summer clothes for our upcoming holiday.

Day 265 – Tuesday 22nd September

Starting to get ready for Eid which is in 2 days. Got the girls some sweets

Day 266 – Wednesday 23rd September

Full on prep for Eid, Blew up the balloons and started to help mum with the cooking. My sister usually does the cooking with mum but she is on holiday so I have had to help. In the evening met up with a friend to get our henna done. Felt so good going out without any kids and having a laugh!

Day 267 – Thurday 24th September

Eid Day! Got up early to go to mums to help with food prep. Nieces came down from Leicester to spend Eid with us. It has been over 10 years since they have spent Eid with us due to a marital breakdown and their mother poisoning them against us. Was a lovely day, took them bowling after we had eaten.

Day 268 – Friday 25th September

Technically this Eid is a 3 day celebration. But the school made it very clear that if children were absent it would be put down as unauthorised so we had no option but to send Munchkin to school. So I sent Bee to nursery too in the morning. Was a quiet day and because we had so much meat to eat yesterday I had to have something simple and non meaty!

Day 269 – Saturday 26th September

Day of chilling at home. Did a spot of gardening and the girls played nicely for once looking for bugs. However it didn’t last too long!

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  • Oh I just adore that dress!! I have to admit that I am not sure what Eid is – some kids at school presents because of it……need to investigate

  • How lovely to get the chance to help your mum put for a change, a nice bit of mother/daughter bonding. Happy belated Eid to you all, and how lovely to catch up with your nieces now they are old enough to make their own minds up, never understand why people have to cause bad feeling when they get divorced.