Project 365 – Days 284 to 290

Another Project 365 quiet week to be honest!

Days 284 to 290

Day 284 – Sunday 11th October

Decided to go shopping in London Southall, got a few outfits ready for our holiday to Dubai during half term.

Day 285 – Monday 12th October

Went shopping for some other bits and bobs and noticed the local car park has started putting wiring round. Unfortunately this car park is known for jumpers so they are trying to prevent it from happening.

Day 286 – Tuesday 13th October

Bee keeps trying to hug Rosie who never looks impressed with all the affection.

Day 287 – Wednesday 14th October

My free bag arrived! Now have to remember to take it with me when shopping to avoid paying for bags.

Day 288 – Thursday 15th October

Bee’s parents evening today. Is it just me that doesn’t like it when they put nursery kids into bands and categories. Apparently she’s not very social with the other kids and prefers adults. But I have seen her play with my friends kids. One of the goals was that I need to make sure she has access to books…those of you who follow me on instgram know the amount of books we have. Her keyworker said shes quiet, while the manager said shes a chatterbox…… hmmmm. Not really taking much notice of their observations and suggestions now.

Stopped off at my mums and when I asked her to tidy up her Mega Blocks before we left home she had to get in and tidy up that way!

Day 289 – Friday 16th October

Hubby sometimes go and have breakfast at Van Hage on a Friday. Noticed the christmas displays have started. Tried to convince the hubby to get me a penguin but he just wouldn’t agree!

Day 290 – Saturday 17th October

A quiet day relaxing with homework being done and generally being lazy. Collected some leaves from the garden with the plan being to do some autumn crafts soon.


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