Project 365 – Days 312 to 318

A quiet Project 365 week.

Days 312 to 318

Day 312 – Sunday 8th November

Mainly a relaxing Sunday at home. New fridge freezer arrived, hadn’t realised how much we depend on it! And then in the evening Bee gave her dad a head massage with her feet!

Day 313 – Monday 9th November

Was meant to start going back to the gym today but had to go shopping in the morning to stock up the freezer again. Apart from that a quiet day again with Rosie taking up the sofa again in the evening.

Day 314 – Tuesday 10th November

I called a plumber around to look at resetting the bath as it sinks when its filled and also to fix the bath sealant. He took away the bath panel and noticed that the floorboards underneath were damaged. So having to make a home insurance claim….if accepted my access is £250 so will be out of pocket but not to the tune of the quote of £800 for the work! Didn’t really need this right now after our holiday!

Day 315 – Wednesday 11th November

Popped over my mums and Bee always seems to get hyper there. She was attempting a hand stand and squashing Nani in the process!

Day 316 – Thursday 12th November

Quiet day at home waiting for the guy who did my conservatory to come and adjust the doors. So you just get a picture of chocolates!

Day 317 – Friday 13th November

Children in Need day. Bee’s nursery had given a picture of Pudsey to cover in ‘pennies’. I thought they meant 1p’s but they meant spare change. If I had known would have put other change on rather than just 1p’s.

Day 318 – Saturday 14th November

We seem to be turning into hermits! Quiet day at home again. Girls did a bit of colouring and general playing. Poor Rosie was sitting by Bee at dinner hoping to get some chicken off her.

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