Ali and Sumaya Let’s Pray App (includes giveaway)

One of the most important things to do as a Muslim parent is to ensure that your child knows how to complete the 5 daily prayers.

I remember when I learnt as a child. I was made to sit after school and had to memorise the arabic words (which I didn’t understand so had no idea what I was saying) and then copied my mum with the actions until I understood what to do.

Nowadays there are so many resources out there to help your child learn the prayer and actually understand it. As this generation is more into technology it is perfect that there is also an app that teaches you how to pray.

Ali and Sumaya App

“Ali and Sumaya” is a production of Imanimation studios. (Pronounced iman-ni-mation) With the combination of Iman and Animation, Imanimation studios was created.We aim to produce animation full of iman and benefit. Imanimation Studios recognised that there is a great need to produce high quality Islamic media for children. Our children have become accustomed to high quality animation such as “Shrek” Toy Story” and “Ice Age”.  Therefore we needed to create material that will be equally stimulating whilst teaching our children about Islam.

On first impressions you can see that the app has been developed thoughtfully to make it more interesting for the children who use it. The visuals are high quality 3D and in all honesty it is one of the few Islamic apps I have downloaded that has impressed me with its images and video. The app also avoids musical instruments but does have spiritual sounds that I also loved. The main soundtrack for the app was  written and produced by the Nasheed artist Abdullah Rolle.

Rather than go straight into teaching the child how to pray the app has various sections:


Ali and Sumaya appThis section basically lets your child learn more about the characters in the app and perhaps relate to them as you can learn what some of their favourite things are and what they want to be when they grow up.


Ali and Sumaya App story

I was really pleased to see this section in the app. As a child I was just told to pray, no explanation so I just did as a I was told but had no real love for prayer and soon left it as I grew up and my parents couldn’t make me pray. I didn’t really understand why we were praying or the story behind it. This is necessary to know, so the child understands and grows a love for praying.

Revelation includes the story of Mohammed PBUH leading past prophets in prayer and when he was brought to Allah (swt) and ordered to pray (initially 50 times a day). Why do we Pray? shows Summaya feeling left out as her friends can now pray and asks why do Muslims pray. Ali explains the reasons to her.


Ali and Sumaya app Wudu

Wudu is an important part of praying – you need to be in a state of cleanliness.

Ali leads you through all the steps of Wudu and also explains some of the things that will break Wudu.


Ali and Sumaya app Salah

The Salah is the more detailed section of the app as it’s important that children know how to pray salah correctly. There are two videos within in this section. One is of Ali praying and one is of Sumaya. While Ali confidently explains the moves and the verses you need to pray at each section, Sumaya is shown to be thinking of what the next move is and what she needs to say next. I loved this idea as it shows the child it will take some time to get it right.

What I also liked about the section is that there are clear indicators of when you have to read out loud and when you have to be quieter. Also it shows how far you have progressed in the prayer.

Another beneficial point to this section is the fact that there is also an explanation of the Arabic in English so if Arabic is not a childs first language they can still understand what they are actually saying.

Ali and Sumaya Lets PrayPlay

Ali and Sumaya app play

And finally the app contains a play section. This includes a section to practice specific sections of the salah and a quiz with questions such as what breaks wudu?

This app is a must have for all parents teaching salah to their children. Available on the App Store and Google Play for free but you then have to make a purchase to get the full version. Cost: £3.99

(Please note that if you pray the hanafi way then this style is not in the app).


Ali and Sumaya have extended their products to DVD’s, toys and posters. All products can be found on the Ali and Sumaya website.

Ali and Sumaya Products

I am pleased to be able to offer my readers a Let’s Pray DVD and a Read with Tajweed poster.
Entry is via rafflecopter below and is for UK residents only.
The winner will be picked within 48 hours of the competition ending and the winner will have 28 days to contact me with their postal details.
I reserve the right to redraw if the winner has not provided the details needed within 28 days.
All entries will be checked and if incorrectly done will be disqualified.
Ends 16/01/2016 at 12.00am


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    • Apologies should have put that in the review….I use it on the iPhone and it is free. However the only free part is the wudu, you then have to pay to unlock the full version which I believe was a few pounds. As I downloaded it some time ago I can’t remember the full cost but will find out and add it to the review in sha Allah

  • Thanks for this sharing. My little girl is 2 years old. I have decorated her room wall with Arabic Alphabets Islamic wall art stickers with lots of colors. She likes them and started to recognize them.. This app is great and your writing also.
    I will try for my little one.

  • The earlier the better, but then if they are very young and not interested better not to force – so good to let them learn through fun ways like these, or picking it up by example while they are little

  • Thanks for this review. I think as soon as they begin to talk. I know with my daughter nazams and Islamic children books really help encourage her to pray.