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I have become a bit of a fan of wall stickers. They are an easy way to breathe some new life into the ambiance of your home without the hard work of painting and changing wallpaper. What is also great is that you can also get stickers with an Islamic theme.

I was recently asked by JR Decal if I would like to review one of their stickers and I decided to get one for Bee’s room. When she was moved into Munchkin’s old bedroom I never decorated it for her as it had recently been redecorated. I opted for a simple one to go over her bed.

Dream Sweet Dream - JR Decal

The stickers are very easy to put up on your wall. Ours arrived in a tube to prevent creases which would have happened had it been folded, and it arrived with clear instructions on how to put the sticker up.

Jr Decal Instructions

JR decal


Once you have smoothed out the sticker then it is as simple as working out where to place it, removing the backing paper and sticking it on the wall. Once it is in position you need to press down on the sticker to get it to stick to the wall before peeling off the remaining paper.

Dream Sweet dream JR decal

If any part of the sticker has not adhered to the wall then you simply press the sticker back to the wall and press down firmly. It is always best to do this step slowly and patiently, if you take the backing paper off in one go you could potentially have bits of the sticker not stuck to the wall.

The only fault I would say there was is that when the sticker arrived it was not cut neatly. As it was not in a perfect rectangle it can make it difficult to measure up to make sure the sticker is straight when put on the wall. This could be problematic when dealing with larger pieces.

We were impressed with the ease of putting the sticker on the wall and Bee was happy with the final result. Her verdict: very lovely!  It has been over a week since we have put it up, and the sticker is pretty close to a heat source and we have had no problems with it peeling off.

Discount code:

If you fancy trying out some wall stickers then JR Decal have been kind enough to offer my readers a 20% discount when purchasing a sticker from their site. Please use discount code JRD20OFF when checking out.

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