Saturday Spotlight: Rainbow Readiness

Today’s Saturday Spotlight is about ‘Rainbow Readiness’.

Rainbow Readiness is all about getting your little superstars ready for the exciting world of school and education. From the very first weeks of their little lives, our children are natural learners. Their experiences and interactions with people and the world around them is all part of their learning experience.

rainbow readiness


Please do introduce yourself 

I’m Hannah, and I’m one of the co-authors of a book called Rainbow Readiness. I used to live in the UAE and, while I was over there, started this project with two great friends. All of us share a passion for education and are particularly interested in how parents can get involved in supporting their kids’ education at home.


Tell us a bit about your product?

Rainbow Readiness is all about helping parents get their little ones ready for the world of education. It combines an accessible introduction to early childhood education and a series of activity cards that are fun and easy to use, but pack in loads of meaningful learning experiences. 

Rainbow Readiness activitiesIt’s great for anyone who’d like to give their kids a head start before their first day of school, or homeschooling parents who’d like some inspiration for activities at home. 

The book outlines child development in the same core areas outlined by the British National Curriculum EYFS guidelines: Personal, Social and Emotional, Language, Physical, Literacy, Maths, Understanding the World, and Creative Development. The chapters are colour-coded and the activities are also coded according to which areas of development they’re getting to work on. We’re really proud of this concept, as it makes it really easy for parents to select activities that focus on particular areas. 


What inspired the idea behind Rainbow Readiness?

All of us are working in education and Ansofie has years of experience in early childhood education. She had noticed that many parents are lost when it comes to knowing how to get their children ready for going into school, and are lacking in confidence when it comes to supporting their learning at home. We wanted to help parents to realise how simple it is to reinforce and extend learning through fun activities that, essentially, are actually just variations of play!!


How long did it take for your idea to become reality?  Were there any problems?

540162_775884985791701_8396208554903462692_n It was about 2 years from the initial idea being born to actually getting the book published – long hours and a lot of sleepless nights! The biggest hurdle was getting to grips with the design of the book (we’ve included a stand design with wipe-clean activity cards that can easily be displayed). The next challenge was converting the book into its eBook version, which took a lot of re-formatting! 


Is the book available worldwide? 

The hard copies are available with free delivery in the UAE, but we can also ship to the UK with shipping charges. The eBook is, of course, available everywhere!


Are there any plans to develop more books or products?

We’d love to develop new packs of activity cards in the future. We have ideas about developing a travel size book and themed packs of activity cards. 



JazakAllah Khair to Hannah for answering my questions. You can find out more about Rainbow Readiness on their website and via their Facebook Page.

And look out for a post reviewing the book in the coming week.


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