Project 366 – Week 6 and 7

Absolutely gutted to be honest. Had so much planned for half term and the girls and myself have been ill one after the other for the past 2 weeks. We were meant to go away for a couple of days for hubby’s birthday and even that fell through. So not very interesting photos I am afraid.

Week 6


Day 38 – Sunday 7th February

Munchkin was feeling better so we booked bowling for the afternoon. However she started feeling unwell again and was sick after lunch. So she stayed with the grandparents while we took Bee.

Day 39 – Monday 8th February

Decided to take Munchkin to the doctors as she woke up with a temperature again and he gave her some antibiotics.

Day 40 – Tuesday 9th February

Munhckin woke up today feeling better and wanted to go school. But Bee was burning up all night so she stayed home from nursery.

Day 41 – Wednesday 10th February

Hubby felt sorry for everyone and got some chocolate. However we can’t eat smarties due to the carmine in them so that was a bit of a waste!

Day 42 – Thursday 11th February

Bee still feeeling unwell and I started feeling rough too. Hubby got me some plants instead of chocolate to try to cheer me up!

Day 43 – Friday 12th February

Poor Bee was pretty much knocked out for the day. Was quite a harsh bug going round. As I was feeling rough too the parents offered to collect Munchkin from school so I didn’t have to go out in the cold.

Day 44 – Saturday 13th February

Myself and Bee spent pretty much all day on the sofa. Rosie tried to take advantage by attempting to steal food.

Week 7

Day 45 – Sunday 14th February

Don’t really celebrate valentines day so hubby decided to go to work later in the afternoon. I got him a soup maker as it is birthday on Monday and he has been going on about a soup maker. Myself and Bee still ill.

Day 46 – Monday 15th February

Hubby’s birthday today. We had booked to go Manchester later in the week but cancelled the hotel booking as both myself and Bee still ill. Woke up to a sprinkling of snow.

Day 47 – Tuesday 16th February

Bee started feeling better. Was getting worried as she hadn’t eater properly for almost a week. Picture of Rosie today, she’s been snuggling up to me and keeping me company while I have been unwell.

Day 48 – Wednesday 17th February

Bee got her doctors box out today to look after me. But it had a pony in, a train and a few other random things…not sure that would help a doctor!

Day 49 – Thursday 18th February

Another pic of Rosie today. Hubby took the girls to Activity World for a little while to give me a break.

Day 50 – Friday 19th February

Still stuck at home as I am still not feeling any better so the girls did some arts and crafts at home.

Day 51 – Saturday 20th February

Feeling a bit better. Popped to my parents house as I needed to get out….they are going abroad on Tuesday for 6 weeks so will be looking after the budgies while they are gone. That will certainly be fun with a cat that loves to catch birds!

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