Project 366 – Week 9

Week 9

Day 59 – Sunday 28th February

Went to Birmingham Sea Life Centre to collect our Merlin Passes and Privilege back (were only given a voucher at Hunstanton). Having seen one sea life centre I did’t think there would be much more but the BIrmingham one is much bigger and more to see. The 4D cinema was fun. Afterwards went to eat and I had some dessert….only had half but it still wasn’t a good idea as made my sugar levels shoot up. That’s taught me not to get tempted again.

Day 60 – Monday 29th February.

Quiet day at home today. Had to take a picture of Rosie who’s favourite spot these days seems to be on the dryer.

Day 61 – Tuesday 1st March

Can’t believe it is already March! Another pretty quiet day at home to be honest. Had a chat with the budgies and let them have a fly around while the cat was out. This one I got about 6/7 years ago and she is slightly disabled and can’t fly much.

Day 62 – Wednesday 2nd March

Went to collect Bee from nursery and all of a sudden the heavens opened and a crazy amount of hailstones fell in just a few minutes!

Day 63 – Thursday 3rd March

Pilates in the morning and Bee made me a mothers day card at nursery…the flower looks a bit like a cactus! So cute.

Day 64 – Friday 4th March

Wandering around the garden today checking what the plants are doing and spotted these small daffodils. So cute. They bulbs have been moved about 3 times but have survived!

Day 65 – Saturday 5th March

Finally went to see my friends baby in Leicester. Been meaning to go for weeks but something or another always came up, including sickness. She was cute but can safely say babies no longer make me feel broody!

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