Saturday Spotlight – Tajweed Nasheed Nursery Rhyme

Back in December 2015 I interviewed the founder of Olive Tree Study, a weekend school in London. The founder, Tahera Akhtar has now created a CD: Tajweed Nasheed Nursery Rhyme.

Image  Credit: Olive Tree Study
Image Credit: Olive Tree Study


I was never taught the tajweed rules as a child and as an adult I am struggling. Tajweed is highly important when it comes to reciting the Quran correctly and it is something I will ensure my girls know in sha Allah.

But it isn’t always easy which is why this is ideal; a fun way to learn the rules.

Rhyming songs we’ve learnt as small children stick to our memory like super glue because music and song activate more parts of our brain.

Taking the inspiration from children’s rhymes, we created the clever tajweed rhymes to allow children and their parents to learn and memorise the tajweed rules by singing along with catchy tunes.

This very powerful sing-along rhyming technique teaches children to read the Quran authentically applying the tajweed rules.

The first album is now available to purchase and has five tracks which are the five basic rules. There will be a second album with more advanced rules.

The rhymes can be purchased by downloading it as a MP3 from CD baby website,  purchasing them as a CD from  or from a local Islamic retail shop.

You can listen to a sample of the songs from the CD Baby Website.

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  • It is for an age group that learns quite easy. And you are right, I never forgot the rhymes I learnt as a little girl too. I am not a mother yet but InshAllah soon. So I like to read sometimes parenting blogs to see what is around.

  • Sounds interesting. However, it seems like something different from the regular nursery rhymes on YouTube. Maybe, I am listening for the first time, that’s why.
    Are they also planning to sell CDs with videos or is it just audio at the moment?

    Fatima |

  • I’m excited to introduce this to Yusuf and Nusaybah – I learnt Tajweed at a young age and it has stayed with me and is something I will always value. This is so much more rewarding than singing the ‘Wheels on the Bus’ in the car over and over!

  • My little sister learned the arabic alphabet through nasheeds but now she has to sing it or she doesn’t remember. I never heard about a nasheed for tajweed tho. sounds interesting

  • This is an amazing idea and definitely will use it for my son as I want him to start learning tajweed early 🙂

  • Masha Allah, this is clever indeed… I’m impressed.

    It is important to expose children to tajweed from a young age. And rhymes are one such way of making learning fun and memorable for children.

    Baarakallah fih
    Amina recently posted…Honour your Parents Pop QuizMy Profile

  • jazakAllah u khair I totally agree with you I am a tajweed teacher and the younger my students are the easier it is for them to learn and apply tajweed rules while reciting as for aunties they always have to struggle.

  • Jazak’Allah so much for sharing this invaluable tool…My son would love this…He learns very fast through interactive cds…like most kids..I am also sharpening my tajweed as he is this would be great for the whole family!

  • Assalamu Alaykum. Jzk for sharing this very valuable gift. You’re right Tajweed is one of the most important things we need to know when reciting Qur’an. May Allah make it easy on us all. Ameen.

  • As-Salamu Alaikum Sister,

    I hope this email finds you well. My friend and I have been looking to purchase the Tajweed Nasheed CD, but we can’t find a place to purchase it from. We live in the US and it would be great if we purchase this CD for our little ones. Please assist. May ALLAH reward you for putting this CD together, its ALHAMDULILLAH really good.