Islamic Programmes for Muslim Children

I was recently asked if I knew about Islamic cartoons for children. I personally don’t know many so thought I would do a shout out on my Facebook page and see what was suggested. A few were and I am compiling a list here….and in sha Allah I will add to it as I find more. So if you have any suggestions then please leave them in the comments and I will add to the post.

Please note I am not personally recommending any of these as I have not watched them all, but simply making a list for you to check out if you are after Islamic cartoons.


The Misri Bunch

The Misri Bunch

I am not sure if these are being updated as their Facebook page has not been updated for a while but videos are available on Youtube: The Misri Bunch

Zaky and friends

Zaky and friends

Zaky and friends was recommended by a number of mums. You can learn more on their Facebook page: Zaky and Friends

Muslim Kids TV

Muslim Kids tv
This appears to be a subscription service. You can learn more on their website: Muslim Kids TV.


Ali and Sumaya

Ali and Sumaya

Ali and Sumaya have apps and DVD’s to help teach you to pray. They also have some nasheeds on Youtube: Ali and Sumaya


Hurray for Baba Ali

Hurray for Baba Ali

Baba Ali teaches Islamic Manners and can be found on Muslim Kids TV. Have a look at their facebook page: Hurray for Baba Ali.


Other languages


Moral Vision Kids (Hindu/Urdu/English)

Moral Vision Kids

With characters such as Abdul bari  and Abdullah, these cartoons are for those who speak Hindi/Urdu. You can find them on You Tube: Moral Vision Kids.

Upin Ipin (Indonesian/English)

Upin Ipin

Videos of Upin and Ipin can be found on You Tube, have a search.


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