Project 366 – Week 17

Another uneventful week to be honest.

Week 17

Day 115 – Sunday 24th April

A rare Sunday when hubby was at work. So we all just chilled at home and frankly didn’t do much. So you have a picture of Rosie..although I think this one was taken a few days later…but she does that pretty much every day.

Day 116 – Monday 25th April

Bit of alphabet learning with Bee today

Day 117 – Tuesday 26th April

Today we started learning the Arabic Alphabet

Day 118 – Wednesday 27th April

A friend messaged me asking up if wanted to meet up for lunch. We keep planning meet ups but someone always gets ill and end up cancelling. So we had decided to try to meet up without planning in advance and it worked!

Day 119 – Thursday 28th April

Finally went back to my pilates classes after missing weeks.

Day 120 – Friday 29th April

I had ordered some plants online and they arrived…so did a spot of gardening before the rain hit.

Day 121 – Saturday 30th April

Took Bee to try out Karate. She seemed to love it so I will be signing her up. We then popped to Toys R Us and got some Lego.

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