Project 366 – Weeks 12 and 13

Double week this week!

Week 12Day 80 – Sunday 20th March

Popped into town for a wander about and Bee fell in love with this doll so her dad got it for her

Day 81 – Monday 21st March

Bee was a but hyper this evening so we got out some games for her to try to use up some energy.

Day 82 – Tuesday 22nd March

Our grass has some bald patches so myself and Bee went to get some seeds and checked out all the plants too.

Day 83 – Wednesday 23rd March

Another day where Bee was hyper and wouldn’t go to bed!

Day 84 – Thursday 24th March

Munchkin finished school yesterday and it was Bee’s last day at nursery before the Easter break, so we popped to BandQ and got some plants for them to do their own growing.

Day 85 – Friday 25th March

First day of the hols and we popped to a local nursery/farm which was have an easter event. It was packed so we didn’t stay long but Bee enjoyed seeing some of the animals.

Day 86 – Saturday 26th March 

A quiet day at home today. So here’s a picture of one of the budgies!

Week 13

Day 87 – Sunday 27th March 

Our Wii has not been played for years! Finally set it up again and the girls had fun playing Mario Kart! Kept them quiet for a while!

Day 88 – Monday 28th March

Went shopping…Needed a grey scarf. Don’t usually go for printed scarfs but this one was the nearest grey to my outfit! Have to be brave now to wear it!

Day 89 – Tuesday 29th March

We went to London today to meet Munchkin’s penpal for the first time. Had a good trip shopping at Westfield Stratford Centre and then bowling.

Day 90 – Wednesday 30th March

Sunny day so did a spot of gardening. Rosie seems happy that the sun has started to come out!

Day 91 – Thursday 31st March

Parents returned today after over 5 weeks away. While waiting for them to arrive home we popped out and got some more bedding plants!

Day 92 – Friday 1st April

Parents back so now the budgie can go home. Glad to get rid of them to be honest. Noisy, messy and had to keep the cat away from them! House did seem a bit quiet after they had gone though.

Day 93 – Saturday 2nd April

Another sunny day. Popped round to the parents and then played in the garden!

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  • It looks like Bee is busy!
    Love the penpal meeting…Imagine you all had a great time.
    Hope you are all well Foz.

  • Hope your parents enjoyed their holiday. we have had budgies in the past and they are very noisy.
    How lovely to get the girls some plants and encourage them to enjoy the garden.
    Ph dear at Bee being hy[er and not wanting to go to bed.