Project 366 – Week 18 and 19

Week 18

Day 122 – Sunday 1st May

Hubby’s day off today. Didn’t have much planned so I got him started on painting the back gate and fence. Girls entertained themselves and played in the garden while we got on with the painting.

Day 123 – Monday 2nd May

Tired from the painting yesterday, had wanted to finish off the painting but rain forecast so left it. Popped to the parents and had a chat with the budgies. This one I think was feeling cold as she sat on my knee and fluffed herself up. I think she is getting old as she is around 7 years old now.

Day 124 – Tuesday 3rd May

Collected Bee from Nursery and we went and visited our local Islamic Bookshop. Ramadan is fast approaching and wanted to see what books they had on Ramadan for the kids.

Day 125 – Wednesday 4th May 

Finally got on with painting the rest of the fence. Bee pretty much entertained herself once she got back from nursery. Although it was a nice warm day she insisted on wearing her wellies.

Day 126 – Thursday 5th May

With the weather looking like it is improving we popped to Clarks to check out their children’s sandals. Bee insisted she wanted sparkly but they didn’t have very sparkly shoes. She was not impressed! Such a diva.

Day 127 – Friday 6th May

Finally got the sand table sorted for Bee to play with. She can play with that all day.

Day 128 – Saturday 7th May

Lovely day today so we sat out in the garden and did some crafts.


Week 19

Day 129 – Sunday 8th May

I was planning to go to Warwick Castle today but parents wanted to go to the beach. Big mistake. Normally takes us an hour to get to Hunstanton but the traffic was crazy and took over 3 hours! Then couldn’t find any parking. We were so tired and fed up that literally just ate, went to the sealife centre, had a couple of rides and came home.

Day 130 – Monday 9th May

Specsavers this money for my 2 yearly eye test. Eyesight has deteriorated slightly but nothing to panic about. A set of books about Ramadan and Eid arrived for the girls today. It is a nice little gift box.

Day 131 – Tuesday 10th May

Weather has turned horrid again so another day spent at home. A new scarf arrived today. Been after a black and pink one for ages and found one online. Love it.

Day 132 – Wednesday 11th May

Again weather wasn’t too good. So another quiet day at home. Another Ramadan book arrived today. I’m amassing quite a collection!

Day 133 – Thursday 12th May

The sun showed it’s face today. Had a wander around the garden and noticed this flower. It was a plant that hubby had found in the back of his taxi. We usually try to return things if  possible but seemed a bit pointless with this plant that was labelled as £1, so I had planted it in the garden. Beautiful flower!

Day 134 – Friday 13th May

Bee lying on the floor. Had to take a picture as that girl never gets tired!

Day 135 – Saturday 14th May

Karate in the morning for Bee, then popped into town so I could pick some new glasses. Hadn’t chosen them at my appointment as wanted hubby’s opinion plus I can’t see very well without my glasses actually on. Then popped to the parents to help them sort their car insurance renewal. Girls also played with their Lego. I had found some ‘people’ on ebay that are compatible with Lego which arrived yesterday so we put 20 of them together.

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  • the one reason why I never attempt to go to touristy places on a sunny bank holiday weekend, cos too many others have the same idea. 3 hrs is a long time to be stuck in the car.
    Santa, a few months early, but ready for when you need him for all you dont celebrate) . The books look a great idea, all children need to learn their culture and religions.