Project 366 – Week 21

Week 21

Day 143– Sunday 22nd May

A day spent at home…. Managed to paint the tyres for my garden feature…just have to fill with soil now and plant flowers in them.

Day 144 – Monday 23rd May

Went to collect the new car! Felt a bit sad when I left my old one behind.

Day 145 – Tuesday 24th May

Bee’s nursery had a bedtime event – where basically they kids went in pyjamas with their duvets and listened to some bed time stories. Lovely of the nursery to do it to focus on the importance of reading…however only 3 parents turned up.

Day 146 – Wednesday 25th May

Blinged up the mac with a decal!

Day 147 – Thursday 26th May

We finished off a ramadan star and moon mobile we were making in preparation for Ramadan starting. Bee then insisted I hang it up in her room.

Day 148 – Friday 27th May

Picture of the pigeon/dove that is making itself at home in my parents garage. It has been about a week and he won’t leave. It can’t seem to fly much and is kind of tame……we didn’t know what to do with. Luckily a friend saw me mention him on my Facebook and took him home to look after.

Day 149 – Saturday 28th May

Got some kinetic sand to review so the girls had some fun with that.

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