Project 366 – Week 23

Ramadan started this week….so for the next 4 weeks my Project 366 may be a bit uneventful!

week 23

Day 157 – Sunday 5th June

My birthday today but pretty much a normal day! Decided to finish decorating the house for Ramadan which starts on Monday or Tuesday. This is a countdown to Eid box filled with chocolate.

Day 158 – Monday 6th June

Hot day today! Spent playing in the garden. Picture is of Bee on the school run. Had to go to Specsavers for my diabetic eye test! Those eye drops they use sting!

Day 159 – Tuesday 7th June

1st day of Ramadan and fasting around 19 hours a day (dawn to dusk). First few are always the most difficult and then your body adjusts. Another book arrived for Bee to review so of course Bee had to look at it straight away.

Day 160 – Wednesday 8th June

A quiet day and used the opportunity to review some Eid Cards and Money Wallets we have been sent. Rosie though had other ideas and sat on the box.

Day 161 – Thursday 9th June

Popped to the parents and couldn’t resist taking pics of some of their flowers. Love this orange vibrant!

Day 162 – Friday 10th June

Bee has chicken pox! Not something I wanted to deal with while fasting! But thankfully she doesn’t have a crazy amount of spots and no temp yet. We watched some trees being chopped down through the window. I always feel sad when see trees cut down!

Day 163 – Saturday 11th June

Bee has more spots but still feels OK within her self. She was trying to get sympathy off the grandparents though! Had a wander around the garden and had to take a picture of the clementis…lots of flowers this year…last year the gardening ended up cutting it from the bottom.


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  • Hope Ramadan goes well for you, I totally admire your strength of character, especially in this heat.
    Grandparents are there to give sympathy parents do not…
    Dont do books with spiders, so that would have to find a new home.