Project 366 – Week 25

Week 3 of Ramadan! Can’t believe it is almost over. Another quiet week if I am honest.

Week 25

Day 171 – Sunday 19th June

Munchkin kept her first ever fast yesterday, and she kept the whole 18.5 hours even though I often said to her she can break it as its to a long one for her fast one. As a well done she got some money from her aunt and grandparents and I took her to Toys R Us and let her pick what she wanted as a gift from me. She picked the beados crystals.

Day 172 – Monday 20th June

Back to nursery for Bee after her chicken pox. Did a wander around the garden and the honeysuckle is getting out of control but makes the garden smell so nice!

Day 173 – Tuesday 21st June

Tried a new recipe in the slow cooker today and made Slow Cooked Chicken Fajita Nachos. I liked it but it wasn’t spicy enough for the hubby!

Day 174 – Wednesday 22nd June

Dad needed to go B&Q so took them. Bee took charge of the basket! Whenever you wanted to put something in it you had to follow her!

Day 175 – Thursday 23rd June

My blog posts and reviews are piling up! So sat down today and got a few done. Finally reviewed one of the books with an Islamic story behind it: The Wondrous Web.

Day 176 – Friday 24th June

Sweets! Couldn’t resist these sweets for the girls. (In truth for me!)

Day 177 – Saturday 25th June

Went to Karate after 2 weeks. One week they had belt testing and the other Bee had chicken pox. Her main teacher was on holiday so the big boss (sensei) took the class. He said she was doing very well and getting confident.

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