Project 366 – Week 29

week 29

Day 199 – Sunday 17th July

A trip to Birmingham to see In The Night Garden Live, ate out and then went to see a relative who had a pacemaker fitted recently. Bee was excited to see the show, regretted not doing a meet the character but the tickets to see the show weren’t cheap, and then paying for a goody bag…that I was loathe to pay another £15 to meet Upsy Daisy for 2 minutes and get a picture.

Day 200 – Monday 18th July

Hot day today so got Bee’s tent out. Think she still found it too hot as she didn’t play in it much…the cat however loved it and used it for shelter and to sleep in.

Day 201 – Tuesday 19th July

A quiet day at home, caught up with some blog posts. Reviewed a life planner from Unique Planners.

Day 202 – Wednesday 20th July

Really hot day today, pretty much hibernated indoors. Teaching Bee the arabic alphabet using magnets on the fridge.

Day 203 – Thursday 21st July

Spotted this gorgeous butterfly in the garden. Made it fly off though as the cat was after it…

Day 204 – Friday 22nd July

Blog event today at the Body Shop. Learnt about some of their new products. I got tempted to purchase one of their spa range moisturising cream.

Day 205 – Saturday 23rd July

And the summer holidays start! Karate in the morning for Bee and then a quiet day at home before we start getting out and about. Bee had fun playing with her Little Tikes water table.

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