A Touch of Luxury with Oud Luxury Collection

The OUD Luxury Collection, is a Luxurious Personal Care brand from Dubai. Infused with exceptional aromas that will let your skin feel soft and cleansed.

Oud Luxury Collection hand and body wash

But firstly, what is oud?

I have to admit the first time I had heard of oud was in an episode of BBC 1’s The Apprentice when they had to source some oud. It transpired that oud was a fragrance. And not just any fragrance. It is one of the most expensive perfumes fragrances available.

Oud is popular for its sweet, woody and aromatic scent. Oud comes form the wood of a tree which is said to have originated in the Assam region of India, and spread throughout Southeast Asia. When the wood of the tropical Agar tree gets infected with a certain mould variety, it reacts and produces oud – a dark and fragrant resin, which can be quite potent.

This particular collection consist of Hand & Body Wash (Liquid & Bar Soap), Body Cream and Deodorant with 6 different fragrances. These fragrances are ‘combined from a range of natural herbs, extracted and enriched with pure majestic oil, blended with organically purified vegetable oil’.

The 6 fragrances are:

Royal Oud
Sultani Oud
Hareemi Oud
Oriantal Oud
Oud with Rose
Oud with Musk

I was able to try out the hand and body washes in all 6 fragrances.

Oud Hand and Body wash

All 6 fragrances are enticing although some are more stronger than the others. In particular I found the Royal Oud and Sultani Oud the most strong, but then their fragrance lasted longer on your hands. The Hareemi Oud, Oud with Rose and Oud with Musk were slightly more subtle.

The hand and body washes are quite thick and not like some of the runny hand washes you can get. You only need a small amount to get a decent lather and therefore it should last you some time.

Oud with rose handwash

What I love about these is that they all have a touch of glitter! Sadly the glitter doesn’t stay on your hands and gets washed off.

So what is my favourite scent?

I did like them all, even the Royal Oud which I did find slightly potent if I am honest. But the colour and the fragrance of the Hareemi Oud won me over.

Hareemi Oud

The hand and body washes are not cheap compared to the readily available hand and body washes. The 300ml is priced at £15.90 and the 500ml is priced at £19.90. However this is a luxury product which is clear from it’s looks, feel and fragrance. We have had some guests over and they commented on the Oud With Rose saying how much they loved it. One couldn’t stop sniffing her hands!!

It does feel quite luxurious on your hands and the scent does tend to linger on your hands for a substantial amount of time. Furthermore what appeals to me about these hand and body washes is that they are made from natural ingredients and free from animal fats.In addition to this the ingredients are organic and the products are biodegradable.

Would I buy the products myself?

Yes I probably would BUT I would keep them away from the kids due to how much they can waste. I have put my favourite, Hareemi Oud, in the kitchen so the little hands can’t get to it and waste it!

Why not give your hands a touch of luxury with oud from Dubai? You can purchase the products from Oud Luxury Collection. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.
Oud Handwash

If you like the look of the products and would like to try the hand and body wash, then keep an eye out in the next few weeks as I will be holding a giveaway in collaboration with Oud Luxury Collection to win a hand and body wash in the fragrance of your choice (subject to availability).


Disclosure: I was sent the hand and body washes for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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