Project 366 – Weeks 30 and 31

A double week this week as my dad ended up in hospital so blogging took a back seat.

Week 30

Day 206 – Sunday 24th July

My cousin from Germany was here in the UK for a friends wedding and he popped round to see my mum. Took his wife and son to our local Bounce to have a go on the trampolines. It was the first time the girls had gone too and they all had fun!

Day 207 – Monday 25th July

Had been planning to go to some lavender fields and took my cousins wife and son with us. The purple fields were stunning, although Bee was not best pleased with all the Bee’s.

Day 208 – Tuesday 26th July

Rescued a poor baby bird from the cat. Phoned the vets and they said to leave it overnight in the garden to allow the mum to come…there was no way it would have survived the night. While trying to decide what to do it squeezed through a gap in the fence into the neighbours garden. I don’t really speak to them much so ended up leaving the bird and hoping it would be ok. That night dad also got admitted to hospital.

Day 209 – Wednesday 27th July

Hospital visit. Thankfully they said nothing about the girls going with me, but then they are well behaved and just sat quietly in a corner with the magazines.

Day 210 – Thursday 28th July

More  hospital visits (summer holidays are not going the way I had planned). Hubby got some flowers for the house to bring some colour.

Day 211 – Friday 29th July

More hospital visits… and found a Bee in my garden on the floor. Poor thing couldn’t fly as it was so heavy with pollen! Picked it up and placed it back on the flower before the cat found it. Hope it did end up going home.

Day 212 – Saturday 30th July

Hospital visits and feeling really tired with all the rushing around. Could have really done with some chocolate but it tends to make me feel ill now….so put my feet up in the evening when the girls went to bed with some watermelon and watched some TV.

Week 31

Day 213 – Sunday 31st July

We were hoping dad would be home today but his body was lacking fluids so he was back on a drip. So more hospital visits today. Came home and pampered myself with a cream from the Spa of The World range which I had recently learnt about at a blogger event at The Body Shop.

Day 214 – Monday 1st August

Went to buy some school uniform (organised this year) and came back with the latest Harry Potter book. Dad was allowed home in the evening. So glad as hate the hospital.

Day 215 – Tuesday 2nd August

Most of the day was spent at the parents keeping an eye on dad. Noticed that my pepper plant is doing very well….although I had been forgetting to water it will everything thats been going on, my eldest has been taking care of it.

Day 216 – Wednesday 3rd August

Another day spent at the parents house. Arriving home the ice cream van was just passing to treated myself and the girls to one.

Day 217 – Thursday 4th August

Another day spent at the parents again. They are making the bathroom into a wetroom to make it easier for dad to shower so had to go over to help deal with the workmen. In the evening got delivery of Bee’s personalised back pack for nursery. It’s so cute!

Day 218 – Friday 5th August

Another day spent at the parents. Feeling slightly sorry for the girls as haven’t been able to get out much. Took some of their games to the parents so they had something to play with.

Day 219 – Saturday 6th August

Went early to parents house again as was slightly worried about dad as he hadn’t been feeling well again yesterday but he seemed much better today. Don’t like leaving them alone much at the moment so we have had a quiet week. Bee has been drawing and this is her version of a hamster.


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