Project 366 – Week 38

Week 38

Day 263 – Sunday 18th September

A quiet Sunday today. Got my eldest some deodorant and found this one at Hollands and Barretts – it is more natural than the others. Am trying to avoid her putting too much chemicals on her body.

Day 264 – Monday 19th September

These two seem to have a love/hate relationship. Sadly Bee has pushed her too far recently and has ended up with a few scratches. Having to be extra careful now and making sure Bee does not stress the more cat out.

Day 265 – Tuesday 20th September

A few review items arrived. This doll talks. By the end of the day I had had enough.

Day 266 – Wednesday 21st September

Hubby popped into Sainsbury’s to get some food and saw they had a clothes sale on. He came home with 3 outfits for Bee! She rarely buys her clothes but when he does we usually like them!

Day 267 – Thursday 22nd September

I have been after the Hazlenut Lindor chocolate for a while. Hubby finally brought some home today! They are delicious!

Day 268 – Friday 23rd September

Couldn’t resist taking a picture of the chickens at Bee’s nursery. They seem to love rolling around in the soil!

Day 269 – Saturday 24th September

Bee had her very first belt testing at Karate! She did very well and got her new belt.

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