Project 366 – Week 37


Day 256 – Sunday 11th September

Today was all about getting ready for our Eid celebrations on Monday! Starting to get the food ready and last minute shopping. You can see how the henna and bangles looked in my Silent Sunday Eid Celebration post.

Day 257 – Monday 12th September

Eid day! Lots of food, gifts for the kids! Even I got a gift off one of my nieces – a candle! And in the evening we went out for some dessert.

Day 258 – Tuesday 13th September

Even though this Eid is a 3 day celebration we are only allowed one day off from school so back to the school and nursery routine. Bee decided she wanted a bed time story tonight!

Day 259 – Wednesday 14th September

It is time to think about secondary schools. We got a list of open days for all the local schools. Can’t believe we have reached this stage already!

Day 260 – Thursday 15th September

Bee’s 4th birthday today! I don’t really do parties so was just a quiet affair at home with some cake.

Day 261 – Friday 16th September

Spikey from nursery is back this year to spend the weekend with us. We then have to document what he got up to in his travel adventure notebook! Feel the pressure to get him to do something exciting!

Day 262 – Saturday 17th September

Had to drop off my sister and her husband at Heathrow as she is off to Pakistan for 2 weeks (so Spikey did do something interesting after all!) Bee got a bit upset that she couldn’t actually get on the plane. After we dropped them off popped to Southall for a bit of shopping and some food.

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