Project 366 – Week 40

Week 40

Day 277 – Sunday 2nd October
Paid a visit to Paradise Wildlife Park. Review will be up soon! Was a lovely day.

Day 278 – Monday 3rd October
Last week hubby treated me to a new coat and some boots! Finally wore the boots today.

Day 279 – Tuesday 4th October
A quiet day. Rosie isn’t a lap cat and she doesn’t like being picked up. But she has started to sit closer to me. And she now trusts me enough to fall asleep with her head in my lap.

Day 280 – Wednesday 5th October
Another secondary school visit. It was smaller than the one we saw last time. It had a more homely feel but my eldest prefers the bigger school and wants to go there. After the school visit we went with some friends for a late dinner.

Day 281 – Thursday 6th October
Early start today. Met up with Bee’s nursery at 8.30am in the park to collect leaves, conkers, acorns to help with their autumn crafts. They then got to have a play in the play area. Dentist visit after school and then I had to go to the local shopping centre for a #qblogger blogging event.

Day 282 – Friday 7th October
Another quiet day. Spotted these flowers in the garden so had to take a picture.

Day 283 – Saturday 8th October
Karate in the morning for Bee and horse riding for the eldest. Then a quiet day at home where I had to sort out Bee’s karate trousers as they were too long. Rosie was in a playful mood in the evening.

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