Project 366 – Week 41


Day 284 – Sunday 9th October

The Great Eastern Half Marathon was happening today so myself and the girls got to my parents for 9.30 before the roads shut. They pass by the parents house so Bee sat on the wall and watched them all run past. We were stuck at the parents until around 2 when the past runner went past ( they return that way to) and the roads were reopened. We decided to do a trip to Leicester for dinner….and then stopped off for dessert at Creams when returned home.

Day 284 – Monday 10th October

Hubby came home early from work so went shopping. The sunset was stunning and couldn’t resist taking a picture.

Day 285 – Tuesday 11th October

Tried out some chocolate tea. I am not really a tea drinker but got tempted by the chocolate……Personally I don’t think it was very nice!
Day 286 – Wednesday 12th October

Been a bit behind with my reviews and blog posts. Finally got the review of Brightlings up.

Day 287 – Thursday 13th October

A bit of a crazy start to a relatively chilled out day! Poor Rosie decided it would be a good idea to hide under Bee’s dressing gown until the girls had left! Felt like joining her.

Day 288 – Friday 14th October

Another day of trying to catch up with my blog posts. Today was writing up my post about our #qblogger challenge at our local shopping centre. The girls had been waiting for me to take pictures of these Hotel Chocolat penguins which I received at the event last week so they could tuck in!

Day 289 – Saturday 15th October

Hubby took today off and for once rather than go out we stayed at home. I attempted to declutter our cupboards but after taking the things out most of them went back in…so that was a bit unsuccessful! The girls them got a chance to play with ‘Cozy Cats’. Review will be live on the blog soon.


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