Project 366 – Week 42

week 42

Day 290 – Sunday 16th October

Met up with some friends for bowling and then they came back to ours for some food. Did attempt pizza hut but they had a wait and we couldn’t be bothered to wait!

Day 291 – Monday 17th October

I won a competition for 2 hours free cleaning. Got 2 cleaners for 2 hour. Set one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom!

Later treated myself to some Salted Caramel Lindt chocolate! It was lovely!

Day 292 – Tuesday 18th October

Back to the docs with Dad. They did some blood test and the doctor referred him for an urgent ultrasound as he is suspicious the fluid in his stomach has increased. Also another appointment has come through for another endoscopy. Unfortunately he is going to need regular monitoring due to his liver damage.

Day 293 – Wednesday 19th October

Bee made cakes at nursery today and insisted I take a picture.

Day 294 – Thursday 20th October

It is one of Bee’s nursery staff’s last day tomorrow. So we had to get her a leaving present as she is lovely. Thought she would end up with loads of flowers (I was right) so we opted for chocolates and a teddy.

Day 295 – Friday 21st October

Bee’s nursery worker was so pleased with her gifts she came running out to give me a huge hug when I went to collect Bee! She almost made me cry…so emotional these days! Later popped to the hairdressers to make an appointment for Bee to have a trim…. but one hairdresser was free so she got her haircut there and then. She was so quiet and still and made it easy for the hairdresser.

Day 296 – Saturday 22nd October

Had a sore throat for a few days and it’s turned into a cold. Just had to happen during half term when had lots planned. Oh well. Made myself a hot chocolate with some hotel chocolat bar I had left over.

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