Project 366 – Week 43

Half term, but unfortunately I have had a cold, so days outs and meet ups with friends were pretty much all cancelled! week-43

Day 297 – Sunday 23rd October

Cold taking hold so a day to rest at home…hubby got me chocolates to cheer me up!

Day 298 – Monday 24th October

Was meant to be meeting up with a friend today but had to cancel as feeling worse. Hubby went and got be some breakfast before he left for work. Spent the whole day just resting up when I could.

Day 299 – Tuesday 25th October

Still feeling a bit rough but dragged myself out to Kidtropolis in London as had been looking forward to it. I wasn’t impressed and wished I hadn’t bother, as I just made my cold worse. You can read my review: Kidtropolis at London Excel.

Day 300 – Wednesday 26th October

Felt worse  after travelling to London so another day spent at home! Bee spent most of the day playing with a game we got from Kidtropolis

Day 301 – Thursday 27th October

Hubby decided to take today off work to allow me to have a proper days rest. He took the girls to watch Trolls (I wanted to watch that), and Bee’s books arrived to practice her writing which she did in the afternoon before her dad took her to her karate lesson.

Day 302 – Friday 28th October

Feeling slightly better today. Eldest has maths tuition in the evening so while she was there, myself and Bee decided to pop into the shopping centre and treat ourselves to cake and a drink.

Day 303 – Saturday 29th October

Took Bee to karate in the morning. They had decorated the whole place for halloween. We don’t celebrate halloween but loved the decorations! The ghosts are pretty cool!

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