Review: Brightlings

If talking toys annoy you then this is not the toy for your house! Brightlings by Spinmaster is a fully interactive, very talkative 15 inch plush.


Brightlings is suitable for ages 4+ and Bee was sent the teal Brightlings but they are also available in pink and purple. They know over 100 words and the pretty cool thing about her is that you can activate new phrases by placing her in different positions.

Brightlings has 3 different modes:

  • Music
  • Record
  • Play

Within the music mode you then press her ear to change the different types of music. The different types of music are:

  • Pop
  • Beat Boxing
  • Jazz
  • Yodelling
  • Rock and Roll
  • Pop
  • Opera

Then to hear her sing you press her tummy. When she sings its short and sweet.But you can change the words/sounds she sings by tilting her.

In play mode the Brightlings are very talkative. They can say over 100 things including things like ‘I am getting sleepy’ to ‘What day is it’.

BrightlingsThe particular mode that both girls enjoyed was the record feature. They loved saying silly phrases and hearing her copy them; they thought it was hilarious! What was even more fun was that you can change her voice by tilting her from side to side.

Bee loves her moving face and all the colours it changes to: dark blue, red, purple, yellow are some of of the colours.


Here is a short video from when we first received our Brightlings where you can see how her mouth moves when she is talking:

Bee in particular loves her Brightlings; she finds it funny when the Brightlings sneezes or says she is bored….oh and she snores a bit when she’s about to switch off and go to sleep. A fun companion for Bee.

Brightlings are priced at around £30 and available from most good toy stores.


Disclosure: We were sent the Brightings for the purpose of review. However all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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