Project 366 – Week 44

Week 44Day 304 – Sunday 30th October

Bee is such a Daddy’s girl. She was after a ‘sparkly’ and ‘glittery’ dress and of course he had to get her one! And she got ear muffs and a purse with it!

Day 305 – Monday 31st October

Back to nursery for Bee but eldest had a day off from school so went to London for a bit of shopping and to eat. Enjoyed the food then had some dessert.

Day 306 – Tuesday 1st November

Can you believe it’s November already?? A quiet day today catching up with laundry…..Rosie decided the laundry back was a comfortable place to sleep.

Day 307 – Wednesday 2nd November

I have been deciding whether to quit blogging for a while now….just felt like I don’t have much time to do many worthwhile posts….was getting hung up on stats etc but need to focus on why I started….more of a hobby really. Decided today to stick with it!

Day 308 – Thursday 3rd November

Another quiet day to be honest…general tidying up….put the radio on in the conservatory and this is Rosie’s unimpressed face as she was trying to sleep in there.

Day 309 – Friday 4th November

While eldest was at tuition myself and Bee stopped off at the shopping centre and treated ourself to some Lush products.

Day 310 – Saturday 5th November

Bee and the eldest got some new shoes from Brantano as we went to review their fitting service. Bee of course headed for sparkly and colourful shoes!! You can read about our shoe fitting experience in the blog post.

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