Project 366 – Week 45


Day 311 – Sunday 6th November

A quiet day at home…..looking through Nadiya’s recipe book. Was planning to try out some of her recipes these week but not been home much.

Day 312 – Monday 7th November

A lazy morning and then trying to work on some blog posts. These are Bee’s shoes she got as part of the review of the Brantano Kids Shoes Fitting Service.

Day 313 – Tuesday 8th November

Went to Bounce (trampoline park) for Bee’s friends 4th birthday…then ate out at Pizza hut. In the evening it was the eldest’s parents evening. Such a glowing report. They had a reading test a few weeks ago and she was top of not just her class but the whole year. Her reading level is advanced. As she did so well we got some books from the book fair they had running at the school.

Day 314 – Wednesday 9th November

Not a very exciting day. Took dad for his ultrasound. They are checking to see if the fluid in his stomach has increased as his health has been deteriorating and his legs and feet are swollen. A chocolate kind of day!

Day 315 – Thursday 10th November

Went over to the parents house as they are getting windows fitted so made sure everything was going smoothly. Pretty much forgot to take a picture of anything so you have one of Rosie who was trying to sleep and wasn’t impressed I put a camera in front of her face.

Day 316 – Friday 11th November

Dad had an endoscopy today so another trip to the hospital. The results were not good and he has to have some procedures next week which include draining excess fluid in the stomach. Am worried and stressed out… and Bee tried to cheer up with some cake and hot chocolate in the evening while eldest was at her maths tuition.

Day 317 – Saturday 12th November

Today’s picture is not one I have taken today, but is a tribute to the budgie. She died today.

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