Project 366 – Week 46

Week 46

Day 318 – Sunday 13th November 

A quiet morning at home and then Bee went to a friends party in the afternoon.

Day 319 – Monday 14th November

I tried to get a capture of the Super Moon. Really should learn how to use the DSLR properly

Day 320 – Tuesday 15th November

Bee has been feeling a bit rough since yesterday. She had a cough which turned into a temperature today.  So a day of rest at home.

Day 321 – Wednesday 16th November

Pic of the budgies today! They missed their friend who died on Saturday and didn’t eat properly for a couple of days. But back to their usual noisy self now.

Day 322 – Thursday 17th November

A quiet day at home, catching up with blog posts. Received a personalised ‘Wise Words’ book for my eldest which will be reviewed soon.

Day 323 – Friday 18th November

First of dads procedures today. Has had to have some varices banded. Took a bit longer than expected so tried out the honeycomb latte in the Costa at the hospital.

Day 324 – Saturday 19th November

Hubby left to go to Pakistan for 3 weeks. I was meant to go drop him off with the girls but overnight my dad was in a lot of pain and mum phoned us at 1am so went rushing off round to their. Due to the overnight lack of sleep the bro in law and sis dropped hubby to the airport.

Thankfully the paramedics didn’t feel the need to take dad to the hospital and said that the procedure he had can cause pain for a couple of days, plus all the other issues he currently has makes the pain feel worse. After just a couple of hours sleep took Bee for her belt testing in karate and she received her next belt.

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