Project 366 – Weeks 51 and 52

Day 353 – Sunday 18th December 

Tried out some chicken legs in the air fryer….just did one in the airfryer while the rest in the oven just to be safe. The air fryer one tasted just as good and was cooked much quicker!

Day 354 – Monday 19th December

Bee’s balance bike arrived for her to review. She loves it and was riding it around the house.

Day 355 – Tuesday 20th December

Worked on a blog post for an Islamic children’s magazine.

Day 356 – Wednesday 21st December

Quiet today today. Bee finished nursery yesterday and the eldest had her last day at school today before the hols. Sharing a pic of Rosie playing her version of hide and seek.

Day 357 – Thursday 22nd December

Took dad to hospital today for a few procedures. One was to put a camera down his throat but that had to be cancelled due to some issues with his blood….he was then admitted for his fluid drain from his abdomen. The fluid has come back pretty quick.

Day 358 – Friday 23rd December

Didn’t do much today except visit dad in hospital. Had to take the girls due to being the holidays but they sit quietly with some snacks and magazines. His fluid drain was started today. I have to say I am slightly disgusted with the care he is getting. HIs consultant says one thing to us and then the staff in the ward seem to have no clue that is what he has said….maybe he didn’t write it down in any notes before he went off on holiday..but it has made me seriously think about putting in a formal complaint.

Day 359 – Saturday 24th December

Another quiet day – just visiting dad again. So you have a picture of Rosie relaxing!


Day 360 – Sunday 25th December

Christmas Day. We don’t really celebrate it but wasn’t expecting to be spending it in hospital visiting dad again. Dad was given a cracker and a present from the ward staff which I thought was pretty nice of them. Can’t be easy for the staff to work over Christmas or even nice for the patients to be stuck there over Christmas!

Day 361 – Monday 26th December

Another day visiting in the hospital. Bee seems to attract attention – a nurse stopped to chat to her about what she was playing on her tablet…and then the tea/coffee man gave her some cake!

Day 362 – Tuesday 27th December

Dad was sent home today. He is still leaking some fluid from the hole where they did the fluid drain but he was allowed home with a bag attached..saying to remove the bag once it stops leaking (can take up to a week to stop leaking).

Day 363 – Wednesday 28th December

A bit of dessert….have an ice cream van that has expanded to desserts delivered to your door!

Day 364 – Thursday 29th December

As my bro had come to see dad for the day, hubby and I took the opportunity to take the girls out. Ended up in Southall in London for a bit of shopping and food.

Day 365 – Friday 30th December

I didn’t go out to the sales but did most of my shopping online. These are two of Bee’s outfits from Monsoon we ordered.

Day 366 – Saturday 31st December

Had to go collect some sales parcels from town. Popped into Lush and was lucky enough to find some products still at 50% off. I had tried the online sale but couldn’t get on the website..and when I finally did the products were sold out!

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