Project 365 – February 19 to February 25

FEB 19 TO 25

Day 50 -First day of half term and full of cold. So a day resting at home. Hubby got me a costa hot chocolate before  he left for work.

Day 51 -Was meant to be meeting up with a friend today but cancelled as didn’t want her to catch my cold. Went docs, was a temporary doctor and he said I had no infection and couldn’t give me anything..even though I am have been feeling horrible for almost a month.

Day 52 – Girls driving me crazy, still not feeling well, but decided to take them to bounce to burn off some energy

Day 53 – There was a giant peach in the shopping centre today and they were telling Roald Dahl stories in it. As we had booked we went (even though I still wasn’t feeling 100%) and then went to the cinema later with friends to watch Lego Batman.

Day 54 – 2am call from my mum again. Had a feeling we would be getting a call as dad was getting confused yesterday. Rang 111 and then it took 2 hours for the ambulance to arrive. Next time will stick to 999. In dads confused state he was lashing out and the staff struggled to get the needle into his arm to give him meds…as he lashed out while they were trying to insert the needed he ended up with blood all over his hand and the sheet. I almost fainted myself as don’t do well with blood. Hubby arrived at the hospital at 10am after getting the girls ready and dropping them at my mums so I could then come home and get some breakfast and rest.

Day 55 – I had to go to the hospital with dad Thursday morning as I am the one that knows everything about his condition and history. However getting less than 3 hours sleep didn’t help and my right ear also got blocked due to being bunged up. Took mum to hospital and then I went into Costa to get a warm drink as its dangerous for dad to pick up my cold, plus you shouldn’t be visiting anyway with a cold. Hubby went to the chemist and got me to speak to the pharmacist on the phone who gave me some meds to help try and clear my blocked ear.

Day 56 – Feeling tired and crashed out on the sofa for most of the morning. Rosie kept me company – she senses when I need a bit of comfort. Ear still blocked….but my sister has a bad chest infection and mum also had a temperature. Couldn’t leave dad alone and can’t keep asking hubby to take time off work so went to visit him. He was doing much better. Nurse said he wasn’t as agitated and hadn’t given her any trouble today. Confusion has lifted again and he was recognising us again and saying he wanted to come home.


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