Project 365 – February 5 to February 11

Day 36 – Treated myself to some new shampoo. The argan oil shampoo was on offer in Superdrug so decided to try it out.

Day 37 – I have been sent a sleep gadget to review. It tracks your sleep and is apparently meant to help you sleep. I am a bad sleeper as it is so lets see if this works! Review will be live in a few weeks.

Day 38 – Was craving some cheesecake so went and got some!

Day 39 – Phonecall again at 4am that Dad was confused. Rushed over, saw the state he was in and called 111 for advice. They sent out the paramedic. He decided that dad needed to go hospital….and then the ambulance did not arrive until 7.15am. Felt sorry for the paramedic who’s shift ended at 5.30 but he had to stay with us until the ambulance arrived. He was settled into a ward pretty quickly and my husband decided to stay the night at the hospital with him. Usually the staff have said no but this time they allowed it, we would have demanded it if they said no as last time this happened I was reading his folder in the morning and they had written that they had found him on the floor drenched with his own urine.

Day 40 – Another day of hospital visits…dad was still quite confused, forgetting who we were and needing help to eat and go to the toilet. Hubby decided to spend the night again with him.

Day 41 – More hospital visits….the confusion seems to be clearing. He remembered that my husband stayed with him overnight and dad said that he was very annoying! Staff are pretty sure the confusion will completely clear soon. Hubby didn’t have to stay with him overnight. Had some snow today on and off. Bee tried to collect it in her umbrella but clearly wasn’t successful! Just not enough snow.

Day 42 – Bee planted her My Fairy Garden planter today and then back to the hospital. Dad doing much better. The only thing is with the liver disease this confusion could happen again. As the liver is struggling to function, toxins build up in the blood stream which then effect his brain. Seeing a dietician next week to get advice about food. Really he should have been given this advice before seeing as this is his third episode of confusion but his consultant is useless. Thankfully it seems he has left and we now have another one.

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