Review: Build A Masjid, A Fun Counting Game

As brand ambassador for Mini Muslim Playground I was sent the Build a Masjid Game by Smart Ark for the girls. I had had my eye on this game for a while and had been debating whether to get it; so was pleased when we received it to check it out.

Build a MasjidA fun counting game where each player has to collect golden coins to help build the Masjid. But watch out for the magpie who loves to steal shiny coins!

RRP: £8
Recommended Ages:  3-9
Number of Players: 2-6



9 Masjid Cards
2 Magpie Cards
45 Gold Coin Cards

Build a Masjid cards

How to Play

The aim of the game is to have the most golden coins out of all the players before the masjid is all put together.

To start off the game the shuffled cards should all be placed face down. Each player in turn chooses a card and it could be 1 of 3. If it is a coin card the player gets to keep it and if it is a masjid card then it must be placed to one side to start building up the masjid. However if it is a magpie card then the magpie card and all their coins must be returned, shuffled and placed face down again. Once all the masjid pieces have been found, the game ends and the player with the most coins wins.

What did we think?

Bee loves the game and has played it with anyone who is willing to play…her dad, sister, aunt, grandmother……although she is a bit of a bad loser if she picks up the magpie card! The game is simple enough for her to play and helps with her maths skills. Although she can only pretty much count to twenty at the moment, she can count all the coins on each card and tell me how many are on each card. What is also great with the game is that it can be used separately as a counting game or a puzzle for younger children to put the masjid together.

The cards themselves are pretty sturdy and should be able to stand up to a bit of manhandling by the younger children. What we personally love is that it is a game the whole family can play together.

My only criticism would be that when the masjid is put together the picture isn’t perfectly aligned…however that is a minor point and we would still recommend the game!

Playing Build a Masjid by Smart Ark


Build a Masjid is available to buy from Mini Muslim Playground and also on Amazon: Build a Masjid Game: a fun Counting Game! (affiliate link).

Disclosure: We were sent Build A Masjid by Mini Muslim Playground as Brand Ambassador. However this was not on condition of a review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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