Project 365 – March 19 to March 25

A quiet week to be honest. Spending most of my time at my parents and not doing much else.

Day 78 – We received some Arabic ‘Ludo Cubes’ from France to check out. Will be reviewed soon on the blog. Thought they might be a bit childish for Bee but she loves playing with them.

Day 79 – A stressful start to the day. Dad has constant minor confusion which gets worse now and then. It got worse overnight and in the morning he got hold of his medication..took some out of the packets and then mum rang me in a panic first thing in the morning as she didn’t know what he had taken, if any. Medication is now being kept away from him.

Day 80 – Bee loves playing with her Zoomer Zupps Tiny Pup which we reviewed on the blog yesterday.

Day 81 – Tried to start tidying up the garden a bit but really not feeling it this year, usually excited by now and plant buying but just can’t get in the right frame of mind due to worry about dad.

Day 82 – Managed to get another review live on the blog. This time for an Islamic kids book The Sad Stump.

Day 83 – Bee’s nursery had invited mums and grandma’s to come and do some special Mother’s Day crafts. This is the card she had made with her key worker!

Day 84 – Received a package from Mini Muslim Playground for whom we are brand ambassadors. The girls received an Arabic learning game and a number of books. Eldest of course sat down immediately to read them! Reviews up on the blog soon.


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