Project 365 – April 23 to April 29

Day 113 – Finally managed a day out and took a trip to Woburn Safari Park. Was nice to get away for the day.

Day 114 – Back to school for the eldest today but Bee doesn’t start nursery until Wednesday. This is gong to be their last terms before they start secondary school and primary school. Quiet morning at home catching up with blog post….wrote a review about Educatfal Ludo Cubes.

Day 115 – A day spent at the parents again. Bee’s way of catching the ball on the sticky thing is hold it up, close your eyes and hope for the best.

Day 116 – I won a contest a few weeks back and part of the prize arrived today…some cookie cutters. Will need to get backing now.

Day 117 – The kids spotted this on the school run today. Had no idea what it was as I always thought caterpillars had their own cocoons. Found out they are tent caterpillars.

Day 118 – Went for some dessert with a friend and her kids in the evening after school

Day 119 – We have been sent some Meccano to review….decided to start on that…..and it took a bit longer than expected!

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