Project 365 – May 21 to May 27

Day 141 – A quiet day today doing some car shopping, and then playing in the garden in the evening.

Day 142 – Went and agreed to a deal on a car! Will be collecting it on Friday. Got myself a Ford Kuga. Not brand new but 5 years old.

Day 143 – Bee was coughing all night so kept her off nursery. So we had a duvet day and ate cake.

Day 144 – Bee still not feeling great so kept her home today. Beautiful day and she rested up and played a bit in the garden, smelling the rose.

Day 145 – Sent Bee back to nursery. Still coughing slightly but seemed well in herself. I also won a giveaway for cake and went to collect my cupcakes today!

Day 146 – Bee is turning into a bit of a Diva…dressed up in pink, with her troll necklace and her sunglasses for nursery. Went and collected the car! I think I am getting what Bee had as throat was killing me.

Day 147 –  First day of Ramadan so got the girls Ramadan books out in preparation for reading throughout the month.

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