Project 365 – August 13 to August 19

Day 225 – Finally met up with a friend and her children. We keep saying we will meet up in the summer holidays and it never ends up happening but we managed it this year. Met up half way at Bugtopia. Was a pretty small place but the kids had fun. This parrot was pretty cool…he was screeching away as I put my hand closer and my friend thought he was going to attack me…but then he just nibbled my finger gently!

Day 226 – Worked on some blog posts and got the Debenhams School Shoes post finished.

Day 227 – A relative passed their driving test so sweets all round! Also dad had another endoscopy and thankfully nothing much to worry about this time so his next one is in 6 months.

Day 228 – Working on another blog post today – McCain has a new campaign to show the diversity of families at mealtimes so was trying to take pictures for that today and involving the parents. Think they thought I had lost it slightly as we were taking pics while they were eating!

Day 229 – Bee starts school in September and they are doing 1 hour sessions every Thursday during August. We missed last week but attended this year and Bee was in her element, playing with duplo, shaving foam and drawing. I think she will have no problem settling in next month as she is already pretty confident.

Day 230 – A quiet day at home. Rosie presented me with a gift of this beautiful dragonfly. I put it back outside as it was still alive. I hope it survived!

Day 231 – One of those days where you just feel fed up and everything irritates you. Bee received a book in the post to review and she had her final karate session before they break up for 2 weeks.

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