Project 365 – August 6 to August 12

Day 218 – A sunny day today and although part of me was thinking we should make the most of it as it wasn’t raining, our garden really needed weeding and sorting out. So got the girls to help..the eldest made out like it was torture!

Day 219 – Met up with some friends for some tea and cake. We do have a stunning cathedral in the city centre with a nice tearoom in its grounds but it was packed! So ended up in Costa!

Day 220 – Bee testing out her new school shoes from Debenhams….review on the blog soon.

Day 221 – Started feeling a bit rough with a sore throat….chucking it down with rain all day so didn’t do much. The picture of Rosie pretty much reflects how we were all feeling.

Day 222 – Trip to Legoland today…almost didn’t go as throat was killing me but didn’t have a temp so took some meds and braved it. Wish I hadn’t….the queues for pretty much all the rides were huge….we just ended up leaving at 3pm, having hardly got on anything and taking a trip to Southall to eat. I knew the place would be busy as it was the summer holidays but wasn’t expecting it to be that crazy. Will never go again in the summer holidays. On and I dropped my phone while there and smashed my screen!

Day 223 – The trip yesterday had totally exhausted me and throat was worse so a day of resting up and doing nothing. Girls entertained themselves and we checked out some bunchems we had been sent!

Day 224 – Bee’s karate and eldest’s horse riding…then a chilled out day at home. Did manage to fit in some shopping…got the eldest’s Eid clothes sorted and Bee got some blingy shoes ready for the celebrations in about 3 weeks. Got a book review live in the morning ‘Mommy, Who is Allah?

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