Project 365 – September 03 to September 09

Day 246 – Hubby left to go Pakistan for a few weeks yesterday, so now it’s just the girls and me for a while. Went to a friends house who was holding an event for charity..and learnt about ‘Love on the Rocks’. Basically you decorate stones and hide them for others to’s meant to put a smile on people’s faces… seems like some people are really taking this seriously with beautifully decorated rocks….it seems to be getting popular.

Day 247 – A quiet day today not really doing much. Mum had a doctors appointment and he sent her off her an x-ray on her knee as it’s painful. She has slight arthritis there so he wanted to check if it had progressed. Went to the dessert parlour and got some ice cream to take out. Went to the local school uniform shop to pick up some of Bee’s logo uniform and the queue was crazy….walked straight back out as she still has another week so collecting the uniform can wait.

Day 248 – A day of labelling the school uniform and getting the eldest ready for secondary school. In the evening I switched off all electronics and settled down for a read. Went and collected Bee’s uniform..was nice and quiet.

Day 249 – Eldest’s first day at secondary school. Can’t believe I have a child at secondary school. She seemed to have loved her first day, hopefully she will continue to enjoy it and do well.

Day 250 – Popped round to visit a friend in the morning and then a home visit from Bee’s school teacher and assistant before she starts on Monday. Bee seems to be missing her dad more than anyone so took the girls out for a treat.

Day 251 – Rosie is taking advantage of the fact that hubby is away and sneaking on to the bed and falling asleep there….she knows that he won’t let her on there when he’s home.

Day 252 – A quiet day. Horse riding and karate for the girls in the morning. There was a fun day at the local park but the rain has been so bad that we ended up not going. Instead we watched some films and we checked out some of the Hello Kitty goodies the girls received.

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