Project 365 – September 10 to September 16

Day 253 – A quiet Sunday at home. Checking out a new game Jungle Speed. Review will be up on the blog soon.

Day 254 – Bee’s first day in reception! She is part time for 2 weeks before going full time. She was so excited and in all honesty I think she is more than ready to start full days!

Day 255 – Not much interesting happening today, school runs and didn’t take many pics so you have one of Rosie chilling.

Day 256 – Another pretty uneventful day. Discovered that Rosie likes chilli heatwave Doritos…she was begging so gave her a small bit fully expecting her not to eat it but she did and then begged for more!

Day 257 – A dolls pram arrived for Bee to check out. She loves it and full review on the blog soon.

Day 258 – Bee’s 5th birthday today! We don’t do parties but as her dad is away her uncle came down and we all went out for a meal.

Day 259 – Belt testing at Karate…Bee is now a red belt. I think the testing won’t happen as regularly for her now as the moves are getting harder.

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