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As a parent I do worry about what the children are accessing online. And on that basis I do limit their internet usage. Some would say I am trying to wrap them up with cotton wool and I need to trust them. I do trust them but what I don’t trust is the content that is supposedly meant to be for children. People are putting adult content up on popular sharing platforms under the guise of it being suitable for children. So unless I am sitting over them and watching what they are watching, I am reluctant for them to watch videos online.

However now there are alternatives available to our children and one is Muslim Kids TV.

What is Muslim Kids TV?

Muslim Kids Tv on Samsung Tablet

They describe themselves as:

A 100% halaal interactive, community-driven platform for learning and development through videos, games, etc!

Features of Muslim Kids TV
  • Videos
  • Challenges and Contests
  • Words of Wisdom
  • Jokes and Riddles
  • Galleries

and more.


There are a range of videos available for the children and cover a number of age ranges. Each video has a description and tells you which grade it is aimed at.

The videos include:

  • Qur’an for Kids
  • Upin and Ipin
  • Learning Arabic with Alif Ba Kids
  • Aman Zhikr Practice
  • Count with Me Arabic
  • Ameer’s Wide World

And much more.

Samsung tablet showing Muslim Kids TV shows

What I personally liked about the videos is that you can download the videos on the phone app to your ‘backpack’ to watch the videos offline. So if you don’t have unlimited internet on your phone or you are in a place where your mobile connection isn’t great you can still watch the videos if you have downloaded them beforehand.


This section is perfect if the children do not want to watch some shows but have a bit of fun. Some of the games in this section include a colouring book and Tic Tac Toe. Bee’s favourite though is Sheep Stacking and even I have had a sly game now and then!


General thoughts

My favourite thing about Muslim Kids TV is that it isn’t just about showing shows to the kids. It is trying to get the children more involved by having the contests and challenges; so your kids aren’t just glued to the screen watching things. The quizzes are fun and make going onto the website more interesting.

There are a few shows that do contain some music. However if you do not listen to music you can easily avoiding putting on those shows for the children.

I did initially struggle a bit on how to get the shows to play one after the other. As the shows are generally short, around 10 minutes, some even less, I felt I was constantly having to click on another show for Bee to watch. However you can make playlists and favourite shows. Adding the shows to the playlists will make them play one after another.

Bee has enjoyed watching the shows whenever I have allowed her access. However my eldest hasn’t really shown much of an interest. As a parent to a child who is almost a teenager, what I personally would also like to see is programmes for the older children…perhaps a drama serial showing the day to day issues our youths are having to deal with..and helping them on how to deal with these things.

You can also set up the children with their own accounts. So they can build up their own avatars and favourite their own shows. This way they can tailor the playlists to the age appropriate shows for them. For example my eldest would make out she was suffering immensely if she had to sit through watching Baba Ali, while Bee loves him.

What we also liked is that if you have the app and have notifications turned on then, then you will get notifications of any new videos/games that are added.

Free 14 day trial

Muslim Kids TV offers a free 14 days free trial. So if you want to take a look for yourself then this is the perfect opportunity to take a look at the site and see if it suitable for you and your children.

Summary of main features
1) 14 days free trial

2) available on iOS, Android and Android TV (no additional cost – access is not limited to the the device that you sign up to)

3) contest and challenges to engage Muslim children around the world (check out Create & Share page + Gallery)

4) adding content every week

5) No advertisements and pop-ups

6) very affordable (one account = 1 parent account + 3 children accounts – additional children additional fee of $4.98/each child) = 1 cent per day per user.
I made a quick video showing the features of Muslim Kids TV so you can get a visual look.

If you want to try out Muslim Kids TV then sign up for their 14 day trial: Muslim Kids TV.
 You may also be interested to read my other post: Islamic Programmes for Muslim Kids.


Disclosure: We were offered a subscription of Muslim Kids TV to see what we thought. The condition was not to share a review but our choice to share if we liked the subscription. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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  • This is so cute, I had no idea it even existed! I will have to let my brother and sister, who are both parents, know about this. Thank you for sharing!


  • I really like that it’s encouraging children to engage with what they watch and not mindlessly stare at the screen. Looks really good quality production (if that makes sense lol) mashaAllah.

  • Ohh that’s so cool…. I’ll ask my little brother to use it… It’s really amazing thing because we cannot sit and guide children what to watch…

  • I know people take youtube and other social media outlets lightly, but I’ve seen the crazy violence and weirdness that my niece can get into just by browsing. This program is a must! 🙂

  • Glad I came across this post. I have no screen time planned for my kids during the day but on most days they end up crying their way to getting some. This one is cool since it has all shows, games and learning all rolled into one app. the offline use would be great too!

  • Esselamu aleykum
    Who is owner of this program.
    We need more information so we can be sure that is right choice.

  • I should suggest MuslimkidsTV admin team to be more transparent when it comes to Cancel Subscription procedure. They are misleading people.