Project 365 – November 19 to November 25

Another totally quiet and uneventful week!


Day 324 – A Sunday where we just stayed at home, watched some TV and generally just chilled. Chocolate was involved.

Day 325 – Tried to catch up with some blogging and got a review live about Muslim Kids TV

Day 326 – Rainbows for Bee after school. Got her her uniform in the morning as decided to sign up officially (how expensive it the uniform???) She’s loving it and did a Snowman Craft today.

Day 327 – Took dad to an appointment at the hospital. We hadn’t received a letter about it but I was getting notifications to my phone. Was hard to get through to anyone on the phone but when I emailed they confirmed which department it was, but not what the appointment was for. However it was a waste of time because it was a pre check for his cataract removal which was due to take place next month but we had to cancel that due to his diabetes being a bit out of control at the moment. In the evening a bit of bed time reading where I was encouraging her to try to read the words herself.

Day 328 – There is just something about a pile of leaves that makes kids want to walk through them! In the evening myself and the eldest went for our first lesson to correct our pronunciation when reciting the Quran.

Day 329 – Another day where I tried to get on with some blogging. Reviewed The Hair Helper.

Day 330 – Karate had a photo shoot happening today but unfortunately as Bee was at the mosque in the morning she missed the group class photo. However we went in the afternoon to get her individual photo done and to be added to the whole school photo.

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